At Exo Labs®, we inspire explorers and empower innovators. We are firm believers that intuitive and easy-to-use technology made accessible in schools can help create new learning experiences and prepare students for careers in the modern workforce.


Empower your students with exciting and easy-to-use technology that allows them to create, collaborate, and engage more effectively in the classroom. Using the Exo Labs Camera will ignite their curiosity, facilitating exploration and peer-to-peer engagement, resulting in a more student-centered learning environment.


Equip teachers with the best-in-class Exo Labs Camera, enabling them to partner science with technology in the classroom. Providing cutting edge tools that enable better implementation of Next Generation Science Standards will inspire and empower students to become greater thinkers, creators, and problem solvers.

Technical Directors

Introduce innovative and intuitive technology in the classroom that promotes STEM education and helps prepare students to join the modern workforce. The plug-and-play Exo Labs Camera is easy to deploy and use in the classroom, enabling accelerated adoption to maximize students' learning time.

Success Stories


Exo Labs cameras have been utilized in schools all over the country. Our innovative technology is helping to foster greater success in classrooms by increasing student creativity, engagement, and productivity. Teachers are seeing an immediate difference in their students, as they come to class excited to learn, explore, and collaborate with others. Click on the tab below to read a few of the many success stories.

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